Friday, February 21, 2014

BACN Update--Mark your calendar for March 28

We were so excited about the turnout for our debut Coaching Conversations workshop on Friday, Jan. 31. It's hard to believe 3 weeks have already passed!

Below is the text of your Takeaways, New Understandings from the Coachee’s Perspective, and Hopes & Dreams for BACN from the afternoon session. And we've also posted photos from the meeting--check them out!

If you have ideas, questions, or comments, especially if you didn’t stay for the afternoon, please share your ideas in the comments section below.

Next BACN meeting:
"Balancing multiple roles in your coaching"

Friday, March 28, 2014
Town School for Boys
2750 Jackson St., San Francisco

Please bring:
* a written scenario
* your copy of the book, The Art of Coaching, by Elena Aguilar. 

We will have the opportunity to practice the skills we learned, discuss challenges & opportunities in our coaching practice, and share strategies that have worked for us. 

RSVP here if you can join us.

Many thanks,

BACN Executive Board

Coaching Conversations Workshop Takeaways, New Perspectives, Hopes & Dreams

BACN Takeaways from Elena Aguilar Conference 1/31/14
  •      It’s so important to ask the right question.
  •      Being able to internalize what I need to “prepare” before walking into a coaching session (to better support the coachee)
  •      Through the change management lens- discovering the conditions within a system that must be present for change to happen- prompting conversations with administrators
  •      Questioning techniques, ways to engage faculty, supporting faculty in many ways, not just the way I want to support
  •       Consultancy protocol- I can’t wait to use this with my own staff!
  •      Structured group conversations allow for individual meaning-making.
  •      Core values: self awareness is key, transformation begins with the self, transformation must happen at core level
  •      Start by getting to know the teachers- who they are; have no other agenda in the beginning, just develop relationship
  •      Bringing the framework to faculty as a way to problem solve
  •      Value in practicing framework
  •      Letting go of judgments
  •      Knowing your own story
  •      In conversations: 30% listening, 50% thinking, 20 % responding
  •      Importance of planning debrief session, especially questions and narrowing the overall focus of a coaching relationship
  •    I need and want colleagues to reflect with! I feel lonely and isolated at times in my school setting because of my role and changes in personnel. I’d like to establish a dedicated meeting time with other coaches.
  •     Does everyone (me, faculty, admin) have a clear understanding of my role?
  •      Using a frame to investigate “dilemmas” is valuable- different ways of thinking- focus on the dilemma- structure- objectivity

New Understandings of a Coachee’s Perspective
  •      Listening/ observing with a specific lens- very productive approach
  •      The idea that the adult learner MUST embody and control their own learning
  •      Teachers need to feel like it’s coming from them- adult learning – and have emotional safety
  •      Adults come to a learning situation with a lot more history than children- need to unpack and understand their history
  •      Coaching is a process and product and takes time!
  •      Question framing changes emotional reactions of the coachee
  •      Behavior- belief-being description was eye opening
  •      I feel like I can take the framework and dive in- even though it clearly requires practice
  •      How valuable it is to have a trusted, reliable space to work on my practice
  •      It’s hard to grow and change! I need support!
  •      Behaviors- Beliefs- Being
  •      The need to “build” a trustworthy relationship FIRST before providing long-term “feedback”
  •      Difference between coaching & transformative coaching
  •      Learning the framework-different approach is very helpful
  •      Layers of experience inform decision
  •      Systems influence/oppress/encourage behavior
  •      Need empathy
  •     Listen to them first
  •      May be feeling uncertain, insecure or even threatened
  •      Relationship to the greater system, as perceived by coachee and/ or perceived by those in the system can influence
  •      May have explicit and/or implicit teaching philosophies that mesh to varying degrees with the school’s explicit and implicit teaching philosophies

Hopes and Dreams for BACN
  •      Hillbrook would host
  •      Regular collaborative inquiry
  •      “critical friends”
  •      create a list serve
  •      more meetings
  •      workshops on how to become a better listener
  •      additional “local” PD’s to continue to “practice” best “coaching” practices!
  •      Would love to have Elena come back!
  •      Include our public school colleagues
  •      Questions about coach role vs. evaluator/supervisor : how to balance both
  •     Love to meet weekly or every two weeks to do consultancies or other things like Elena does with other coaches
  •      I hope that this group of educators can continue this networking opportunity virtually
  •      It would be wonderful to have “special interest” groups- i.e. literacy coaches, technology coaches etc.
  •      Practice the consultancy model together!
  •      More PD opportunities
  •      More admin. Opportunities to learn about coach roles and how to support
  •      More of these workshops with Broader variety of attendees (not just Bay Area)
  •      More professional development opportunities for this group
  •      Maybe a blog or chat room
  •      I’d like to find another Student Life Coordinator to team up with
  •      Practice often with this model
  •      Learn how to be an effective coach
  •      More structured small group coaching (coaching for coaches)
  •      Other guest speakers
  •      Multi-day PD in Summer
  •      List serve
  •      Community of coaches
  •      Monthly meet ups to talk about experiences in our roles
  •      List serve
  •      Coaching for coaches
  •      Book club
  •      More work with Elena’s lenses
  •      Practice with planning debriefs
  •      Data- what data, how to gather and use it (especially in independent school context of qualitative data being valued over quantitative)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Successful Launch with Coaching Conversations

We were so excited about the turnout and participation at the BACN Coaching Conversations Workshop with Elena Aguilar on Friday, January 31.  Many thanks to all who attended for engaging in our activities with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness, and particularly to those who stayed for the networking session and those who volunteered to share their scenarios.

Below are some snapshots from the meeting--you can see the engagement on people's faces. Soon to come we will post the text of your Takeaways, New Understandings from the Coachee’s Perspective, and Hopes & Dreams for BACN.

If you have ideas, questions, or comments, or didn’t stay for the afternoon, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

And save the date for our next meeting, Friday, March 28, from 9-11am.  More information to come!