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Friday, October 3, 2014

10/3/14 Graffti Stem Responses from Coaching Collaborative Meeting

Graffiti Stems for BACN Coaching Collaborative Meeting:
“Mentor relationships vs. Coaching relationships”

What are the essentials of a mentoring/ coaching relationship?
·      Trust **
·      Time to reflect together
·      Space and safety (to “fail forward”)
·      Ability to truly listen
·      Authenticity
·      Relationship building
·      Thought partnering
·      Question asking (safe, encouraged)
·      Encouraging self-reflection
·      Judgment-free
·      Building an authentic relationship
·      Giving compliments as well as suggestions and next steps
·      Talk time
·      Mutual respect
·      Growth mindset
·      Openness to giving / receiving feedback
·      Communication
·      Honesty
·      Clear intentions-the purpose being improving one’s practice so kindness as well as accountability both matter
·      Respect
·      Desire to work together at the “growing edge”
·      Time and space to allow ideas to flourish
·      Clear, open communication
·      Expertise if mentoring

Is there a difference between mentoring and coaching?
·      You can coach a peer or someone in leadership but mentoring often implies older/ more experienced
·      In working this out- coaching is more direct, mentoring is more reflective, passive………To build on this….. more global, Big picture as teaching is a profession-so includes Habits of Mind of teaching, or stances to sustain you through the years
·      Yes, maybe mentoring is ongoing, more long-term
·      Different connotations, I think… Mentoring implies that one person is the expert, the possessor of knowledge. Coaching= more collaborative, supportive, coming from a questioning stance.

What is coaching?
·      Active, direct, evaluative?
·      Advice for improvement
·      Teaching something specific
·      Can be short term
·      Helping people become their best selves
·      Learning in a safe environment
·      Try new things
·      Become more reflective and self-aware
·      Can be individual or collaborative
·      Teaching new strategies or techniques
·      Deciding jointly on a goal/ focus area to learn about

What is mentoring?
·      Guiding a new teacher/ novice in the hopes that they become independent and collaborative
·      Taking a stance that instructs someone with less experience
·      If you are a “mentor” you ask that the person(s) you are mentoring emulate you or your work in some way. You do this by modeling usually, but could also include discussions, providing resources, etc.
·      There seems to be a teaching component to mentoring
·      A more side by side experience… has many forms: modeling, counseling, answering questions, encouraging
·      Yes- working together
·      Varies depending on the skill level/ experience of both the mentor and mentee
·      A relationship where learning and growth can happen for both the mentor and mentee