Saturday, December 20, 2014

12/12 Collaborative: Meeting Teachers Where They Are

We met to discuss ways to meet teachers where they are.  Amy Symons Burke presented a framework she developed that outlined 3 categories to consider when deciding on a coaching focus: Curriculum/Pedagogy; Life/Work Balance and Teacher Self.


Curricular Strengths
  • familiarity with the content
  • pre-algebraic thinking
  • language arts & social studies
Curricular Growth Areas
  • protocols for looking at student work
  • being attune to high performing students
  • changing expectations
  • new standards in NGSS and Common Core
  • flow through the grades
Pedagogical Strengths
  • rubrics for class projects
  • social/emotional
  • lesson design & rhythm
  • assessment
Instructional Growth Areas
  • mixed individual, small group and large groupings
Differentiation Know How
  • understanding of assessment cycles
  • differentiation by grade, content and form of learning
  • variety of demonstrations of understanding
  • multiple entry points

Life/Work Balance

Personal Life
  • creative outlets
  • responsibilities/commitments
  • family obligations
Support Network
  • family
  • other teachers
  • beyond the school--PLN
  • internet, webinars
Collaboration Opportunities
  • extending projects
  • personal connections
  • school schedule--built in?
Manageable Stress
  • to what extent?
  • exercise
Collegial Status
  • new/experienced in this school?
  • supportive/non-supportive team
  • ability to voice concerns and questions
Other Ideas
  • capacity
  • habits

Teacher Self

  • # of years teaching
  • # of years at the school
  • # of years at grade level
  • life experience
  • location
  • generation
Rewards of Teaching
  • staying relevant
  • learning as you teach
  • lightbulb moments
  • creative outlets
  • strengthen student relationships
  • students' interest in mathematics
Grit and Resilience
  • opportunities for reflection
  • lasting impact
Authentic Style
  • facilitator/finding your style
  • compassion
  • engaged
  • inquiry
Challenges of Teaching
  • negative community
  • workload
  • burn out
  • organization 
  • support network
  • lack of interest in math for teachers & admin
Other Considerations
  • emotional intelligence
  • temperament
  • beliefs
  • system of oppression/bias
We decided there are many considerations of helping a teacher find a Just Right goal, and that it's important to steer toward a reachable goal.  This creates a sense of possibility and volition in the teacher as well as a positive association with the coach and reflection.

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